At The Drive In, Relationship Of Command

I brought this record after reading an excitable, glowing review in the NME. The article used words like ‘storming’ and happily slapped a 9/10 at the end a review so good the band themselves might even have found a bit embarrassing. £8.99. I’m impressed.

Relationship of command helped give my aggravated and annoyed life a mild sense of perspective. It’s like an old friend from years ago, turning up from nowhere and filling your life with confidence with his own brand of likeable self assured arrogance. A round the world yachtsman, war hero and pissed up bird shagging hard bastard who nobody messes with. All of a sudden my own life doesn’t seem so bad at all, in fact things are beginning to look up since those massively gorgeous melodies started blasting around my flat spreading positivity and understanding.

‘Arcarsenal’ stands out in all its screaming metal like magnificence, desperately aware of being misunderstood in a shattering uncompromising fist fight. Proper rock and roll tracks belt past like tracksuited noisy 2 strokes that hurt your ears as a kid. ‘Mannequin republic’ and ‘enfilade’ drag you helplessly to your feet, filling you with that £nifty feeling and forcing you to stand aggressively playing air guitar. No really, by ‘Cosmonaut’ you’re running down the hallway having it at the Poll tax riots, recreating the glorious days of civil disorder you were never actually a part of, only fantasised about after News At Ten.

Its all falling in to place as the shrieking continues “So who’s in charge in here barking out loud so clear because I’d really like to meet him”.Definatley.

So good is this record that I find myself laughing out loud at individuals piling crap onto my life, non believers if you like. To the insipid, limp handed weakling wasting what pathetic life he has at Fastrack insurance, an understanding of this record would never allow you to talk to others in such a belittling manner. For yours is the bland, unthinking world of Fatboy slim, T4 and Jamie Oliver, all of which pain me to mention alongside such unparalleled greatness. To date the only singles released off this are ‘One armed scissor’ and ‘Rolodex propaganda’, however all the tracks amount to something extravagant in their own right, superb and effortlessly enjoyable.

So this is it then, a hardcore Friday night dose of ‘Jose Cuervo’, pre cursor to a lager fuelled self annihilation that will hopefully involve friends, ridicule and happiness. £8.99 gets you more audacity than you’ll know what to do with, but stay away from that kebab shop yeah? You know it always ends in tears.

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