Seafood, When do we start fighting

So there we are, Me, Ben and Graham at the Colchester Arts Centre listening to an exellent set by a band called Schindler waiting in anticipation for The Fall. Schindler finish up a little to early for most and are replaced by another band onstage. But wait!!!!! That blokes got a guitar, they’re not The Fall and he’s not a Quasimodo lookalike talking into the mike!!! All hail Seafood!!! The band with the worst name since… scritti politti. They look great, play an ace set that almost upstages the main act and remain firmly embedded in my head.

About a month later I spot the S word and pick it up as an impulse buy, expecting it to be the poorer half of a purchase with the much raved about Avalaches. To my surprise the Seafood record has received much more listening time, although this could be put down to the current mood or whatever. The shit name for the band is salvaged by a superb title ‘When do we start fighting………’ With no question mark if that makes much difference. Sheer poetry.

From the start it’s apparent that all this is going to be great with the angelic vocals of David line singing angelicly over ‘Western battle’. The gorgeous melodies continue with ‘Pleasurehead’, more nonchelant vocals with the drummer shouting along to New York guitars, the lovley ringing sound giving the required urgency. Talking of which ‘In this light will you fight me’ is a blinding track reminisant of that My Vitriol in that androdynous glammour thing. The last three slower tracks have a gentle calmness that happily provide your images with soundtracks to make them visible. You know what I’m talking about.

In particular ‘Similar assassins’ is probably the best example of this. I’m concious of that vocal / guitar being nauseous and this track is a bit, but it bores in quite a warming fashion so what the hell. ‘He collects dust’ is the albums highlight “No warning sign that I’ve heard about, no friend of mine ever let me down”, memorable lyrics over an effortless song that does nothing to challenge the format that’s been laid down by years of guitar bands.

Every song is complimentary to the album as a whole with no dodgy fillers and unthoughtfullness, the gatefold sleeve has some interesting artwork on which somone has spent a fair amount of time. Also the sleevenotes have some superbly mysterious compositions by the drummer Caroline Banks. Even though it won’t stand the test of time I will come back to it in years to come, right now though it’s great stuff, really good you know?

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