The bloody G2 section!

It was the article on the front page of this mornings Guardian that made me part with 55p, the bloke on the paper stall at Blackfriars tube tried to skank me out of my change by taking the £1 and ignoring me. Like I’m just going to walk away? I honestly didn’t think that sort of stuff went on in London, how naive.

Anyway I new it was a mistake going anywhere near the bloody G2 section, but I read it anyway because it’s easy to read on the train and Thursday includes the Online stuff which I’m supposed to be interested in.

Low and behold within minutes I’m fuming to the point that I want to get the tube back to 119 Farringdon Road and urinate in the lift.

I’m referring here to Tanya Gold’s article about how crap a £99 holiday in Corfu turned out to be. Of course the outcome of the article was in no doubt before she left Crouch End for the airport, you can just see her now musing over all those lovely voyeuristic anecdotes in the back of the taxi. Her main point was that the holiday, priced at £99, was a rip off. What? A flight to Greece and seven nights accommodation around a swimming pool, all for the price of your average weekend festival ticket?

The other holidaymakers where under no illusion about what was on offer for that sort of money, that’s probably all they wanted or could afford, and furthermore are realistically minded enough to get on with it and enjoy. What did Tanya expect? Day trips to the local olive press? (Scrumptious free samples MMmm). An evening lecture at the amphitheatre on the Greek god Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstatic revelry ? (Really inspiring).

This article amounts to really cheap and opportunistic journalism that tries so hard to funny, whilst at the same time reassuring its readership. Just more peering class snobbery from the supplement that spoils an otherwise fine newspaper.

So Tanya, the next time you and Toby spend seven days in a low impact wigwam in the west country living off pine nuts and semolina, consider that those hardworking people who have a week in Corfu on £99 just might not be that enthusiastic.

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