Keep Calm and throw all that shit into landfill

The whole Keep Calm and Carry On thing has officially run its course, it’s no longer the ‘In thing’ and is about as relevant as bootcut jeans or Snow Patrol. What was once the darling of the broadsheet gorping middle class can now be found as a staple in any shop selling cheap landfill received as presents that are simply thrown straight in the bin.

Initially designed during the war years as a way of keeping people calm during a time of unimaginable terror, the classy simple design has been resurrected and systematically raped as part of some grotesque marketing exercise. What would have been a nice idea for a college art module has seen a novel piece of design taken to every commercial extreme possible, this could only have happened in the 21st century.

Mugs, signs, stickers, posters and doormats, from the outset it was all fucking rubbish.

I never got it.

Not because I could see it’s demise from grace before cluttering my house with the oh so kitsch crown logo, but because it always struck me as stupid.

Stupid because it turned up at just the right time to ride the Zeitgeist of nationalism that saw anything from Durex to baked beans to HDMI Cables with a Union Jack stuck on the label.

Stupid because it tied in nicely with a renewed fascination with the brainless royal family and personal selfishness.

Stupid because it reminded me of a cheap tabloid gimmick that saw every household in Britain subconsciously agree with their idiot shit rag.

Which brings me nicely to my conclusion. Just because something is part of our bygone heritage or happened to be made in Britain, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good. Conservatism and Triumph motorcycles are two prime examples.

So if you have any of this shit lying around, just throw it in the bin and forget it ever happened.