Dad’s first beer

My Dad told me a story recently, about his first beer as a young man. This would have been in the early 1960s.

He was off work with Laryngitis, bored and with nothing to do he started exploring the locality on his motorbike, probably a Triumph or a Norton, although it could have been a BSA, I don’t know.

Setting off from his home in Hamesmoor Road, Mytchett, the journey would have taken about half an hour down the A331, over the A31 before ending up on the B3001 Milford Road. It was here, in Elmstead, that he found the Woolpack pub. The pub is still there and looks like the usual modern country pub.

Only being 17 at the time, he decided to try and blag it with only ordering half a pint of Courage, and a cheese roll.

Sitting outside under a tree the beer was cool and delicious. The roll was of the crusty variety, heavily buttered with a strong cheddar and equally strong Spanish onion.