Music Librarian

I was a Bandsman in the British Army for a few years. My instrument was supposed to be the Euphonium, that’s what I played at school and in the local brass band. They changed me to Saxophone, how difficult could that be I thought.

Whilst I enjoyed playing in the band and practised constantly, I became a source of irritation for almost everyone around me. No matter how hard I tried I was just never good enough.

One day the Sergeant Major lost his rag and shouted so loudly the windows shook. As punishment for not being able to get my head round a the timing of a two bar phrase, I was to work full time in the music library instead.

The next day I took over the cataloguing and ordering of all of the bands’ sheet music, in room that smelt of carpet and instant coffee.

All on my own with a radio and a kettle.

At the back of the room there was a south facing window hidden from the front door by some racking. I could sit in the sun and read without being disturbed. Sometimes the door would open and someone would call my name, if I sat quietly enough they would just go away again.