Music Librarian

I was a Bandsman in the British Army for a few years. My instrument was supposed to be the Euphonium, that’s what I played at school and in the local brass band. They changed me to Saxophone, how difficult could that be I thought. Whilst I enjoyed playing in the band and practised constantly, I… Continue reading Music Librarian

19, Paul Hardcastle

I first heard this record round my cousin Paul’s house in Ipswich after it was released in 1985. Paul was a townie and a casual, unlike me and my brothers who where from a rural village in Essex. Never as well dressed, we were as unlikely to wear electric blue cords or Fila tracksuit tops… Continue reading 19, Paul Hardcastle

Christmas songs – The best

Here they are, my favourite Christmas songs. All the best music is American, which is why they’re top of the list. 1) Sleigh Ride – The Ronettes It’s true to say that I am biased towards American music, and this is why. Sleigh Ride starts with coconut shell clopping and a whinniying house noises straight… Continue reading Christmas songs – The best

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I’m learning the Guitar

I’m learning how to play guitar, Mandy brought me one as a present for my birthday and I’m properly getting in to it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do as it’s been my favourite sound for as long as I can remember. I used to play the Saxophone, grade 8, although that means nothing… Continue reading I’m learning the Guitar

The Fall of Troy

I was going to write about ‘Brave Prince Harry’, the ‘Homecoming Hero’. But I’ll just end up getting angry and spoiling what would have been a perfectly good March Monday afternoon, albeit a wet and windy one. I find that one of the main problems of playlisting in apps like WinAmp or iTunes is that… Continue reading The Fall of Troy

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