I am a morning person

I like the morning, and when I look back throughout my life I think I always have done, it just never really occurred to me like it does now. The bedroom in our current home faces east so we get the full on morning experience, especially this time of year when the sun rises over… Continue reading I am a morning person

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A few days in hospital

Although I’d never stayed in hospital before and only ever had a passing need for their services, I’d always admired and supported the NHS and everything it stands for. Stupidly, I’d always imagined a hospital ward to be a Holby City-esque world of chatting nurses, bowls of grapes and happy endings. I didn’t imagine that… Continue reading A few days in hospital

Can you do me a favour?

I hate this expression, it fills me with fear and dread of what is going to follow. A favour is a request, probably unreasonable, by someone who wants something and either doesn’t want to pay for it or can’t be bothered to do it themselves. A favour is different from someone asking for help, help… Continue reading Can you do me a favour?

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The rise of the birthday Buzzard

A few years ago we started calling my Dad “The Buzzard”, due to his bald head, beakish nose and general birdlike appearance. As it turns out we were referring to a Vulture which is more bald and Geoff Coleman like in appearance, rather than the Buzzard, which is well feathered European bird of prey. However… Continue reading The rise of the birthday Buzzard

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19, Paul Hardcastle

I first heard this record round my cousin Paul’s house in Ipswich after it was released in 1985. Paul was a townie and a casual, unlike me and my brothers who where from a rural village in Essex. Never as well dressed, we were as unlikely to wear electric blue cords or Fila tracksuit tops… Continue reading 19, Paul Hardcastle

Keep Calm and throw all that shit into landfill

The whole Keep Calm and Carry On thing has officially run its course, it’s no longer the ‘In thing’ and is about as relevant as bootcut jeans or Snow Patrol. What was once the darling of the broadsheet gorping middle class can now be found as a staple in any shop selling cheap landfill received… Continue reading Keep Calm and throw all that shit into landfill