Boy racers are idiots?

I’d always been of the opinion that blokes who drove about in tarted up hatch backs were idiots. Spotty cap wearing hood rats who tear about any suburban town centre in under powered cars, those originally designed for their mothers to park on the zigzags during the school run. It’s true to say that most… Continue reading Boy racers are idiots?

Hinault and Lemond

I was looking around online earlier and came across this great picture of Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond settling their differences at the top of Alpe d’Huez during the 1986 Tour de France. It’s a defining moment in Tour history, a truly inspiring image and a tribute to the sportsmanship of both riders. The two… Continue reading Hinault and Lemond

Veneer of the week

We went round our friends Becky and Roger last night, they live north of the river in Turnpike Lane, a world of proper kebab houses and gigantic pubs. It was a great evening of lager, Champagne and Wild Boar sausages, topped off by a nice little drive around the North Circular. Mandy does all the… Continue reading Veneer of the week

The plastic lunch box

I don’t think we spend enough time appreciating the mundane things in life. So concerned are we with our highly strung and vain accessories, that we forget to value the things that make our everyday life an easier place to be. The plastic lunch box is a prime example of this. It lasts for years,… Continue reading The plastic lunch box