The plastic lunch box

I don’t think we spend enough time appreciating the mundane things in life. So concerned are we with our highly strung and vain accessories, that we forget to value the things that make our everyday life an easier place to be.

The plastic lunch box is a prime example of this.
It lasts for years, cost practically nothing to buy and can be used to store anything from sandwiches to maggots. They’ll quite happily sit for months at the back of a cupboard before being called to perform some thankless task, after which they’ll be slung aside again like they never existed. You can put them in the freezer for years, or leave them out in the garden with worms in, they simply don’t mind. Even better, next time you find a single fresh prawn lying around at a friends house, seal it into a plastic lunch box and throw it to the back of a cupboard. Give it a couple of weeks, and the unlucky individual who cracks that little baby open will be met by a smell so foul, it’ll make FC’s shit smell like Mr Matey.

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