Dad’s first beer

My Dad told me a story recently, about his first beer as a young man. This would have been in the early 1960s. He was off work with Laryngitis, bored and with nothing to do he started exploring the locality on his motorbike, probably a Triumph or a Norton, although it could have been a… Continue reading Dad’s first beer

I am a morning person

I like the morning, and when I look back throughout my life I think I always have done, it just never really occurred to me like it does now. The bedroom in our current home faces east so we get the full on morning experience, especially this time of year when the sun rises over… Continue reading I am a morning person

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Leigh, Warwood and Fuller, Sochi 2014 Gold for commentary

Both myself and Mandy watched the Sochi 2014 Women’s Slopestyle on Sunday and spent the rest of the day walking round the house shouting phrases picked up from the excitable commentary team of Ed Leigh, Tim Warwood and Aimee Fuller. “Whop-a-tron!” seemed to be the favourite with “Smack it down!” coming a close second. Yes… Continue reading Leigh, Warwood and Fuller, Sochi 2014 Gold for commentary

My first kebab

We never saw Dad much when we were really young. He worked in London, left in his Capri (“Bodie and Doyle have one like this”) and was at the end of the M11 well before we got up for school. He came home late, after dark when we were in bed, usually after a few… Continue reading My first kebab

A vote on Europe is the last thing we need

When it comes to ideas and interests in life, my teenage years seem have been the most formative, as they probably were with most people. During the 80s along with my brother and two friends I started riding my racing bike seriously, and with that came the obsessing over continental cycle racing. Not only was… Continue reading A vote on Europe is the last thing we need

Hell on Wheels

This is fantastic film, probably the best sporting film I’ve seen. It follows the Telekom team, focusing mostly on Erik Zabel and Rolf Aldag, through the 2003 Tour de France. It’s not so much about the 2003 Tour as a race, more about how the Telekom team, riders and staff cope with demands and pressures… Continue reading Hell on Wheels

Play Up Pompey!

FA Cup Final, Saturday 17th May 2008. Portsmouth Vs Cardiff. The day starts with a journey down to Portsmouth on the South West Trains’ superb service out of Waterloo. Great station, quiet new trains with spacious carriages, £30 return. You can’t argue with that. People who moan about trains in this country usually listen to… Continue reading Play Up Pompey!