Happy New Year everyone

I’ve just written some stuff about how 2004 has been a great year for us, but with recent world events in mind it all seemed a bit smug so I decided not to bother. I hope that next year the rebuilding will not be hampered by selfish western bickering about who’s paying for what –… Continue reading Happy New Year everyone

John Peel. 1939 – 2004

There are some voices that have always been a part of our lives, we have grown up with them and they are part of the mental furniture, quite literally like a member of the family. When a colleague stared at her monitor in disbelief and announced that John Peel had died, we knew that one… Continue reading John Peel. 1939 – 2004

Treena and Tina

We had lunch at an Italian place in Covent Garden today and the Whitebait has been repeating on me all afternoon, it was nice the first time around, now it just smells of Kattomeat. Out of the blue I met Treena and Tina, two friends from school who where with a Hen night on the… Continue reading Treena and Tina