Treena and Tina

We had lunch at an Italian place in Covent Garden today and the Whitebait has been repeating on me all afternoon, it was nice the first time around, now it just smells of Kattomeat.

Out of the blue I met Treena and Tina, two friends from school who where with a Hen night on the table opposite, we were all part of the same group that used to hang around together.

It’s always nice to meet people from the past and not have to pretend that it’s good to see them, a quick look at Friends Reunited throws a multitude of names to be avoided at all costs (me being one of them). Anyway, it’s strange to think that we’re twice the age now than when we used to be at school together. I mentioned to Mandy that they still looked like the same people that they were in the late 80s, at which point she reminded me that, “They still are the same people, you dick”.

And there you have it.

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