Hell on Wheels

This is fantastic film, probably the best sporting film I’ve seen. It follows the Telekom team, focusing mostly on Erik Zabel and Rolf Aldag, through the 2003 Tour de France. It’s not so much about the 2003 Tour as a race, more about how the Telekom team, riders and staff cope with demands and pressures… Continue reading Hell on Wheels

Bully, Larry Clark (2002)

After only managing half of Wolf Creek last week I wasn’t in the mood for being upset by yet more violence. As it happens, along with sex and drugs, violence is one of this films underpinning themes. So I just sighed and got on with cringing at those realistic sounds of people punching each other… Continue reading Bully, Larry Clark (2002)

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Master and Commander. Far Side of the World, Peter Wier (2003)

Master and Commander is based loosely on the novel of the same name by Patrick O’Brien. It follows a voyage on board HMS Surprise commanded by the unyielding but well respected Captain Jack Aubrey. The ships orders are to hunt down the vastly superior French frigate Acheron, it is believed that this in turn will… Continue reading Master and Commander. Far Side of the World, Peter Wier (2003)

Crowe in cuffs!!

I brought the Daily Mirror yesterday simply because I liked the picture of Russell Crowe in Handcuffs on the front cover. He was sporting cool shades, and a slightly pissed off look that had about it a certain amount of inevitability. I’m taken with the idea of people not being able to change what is… Continue reading Crowe in cuffs!!

Where Eagles Dare

I’ve seen two great films this weekend. The first was Fargo by the Cohen brothers, a wicked black comedy superbly shot in Minnesota during the freezing winter. It’s stars Steve Buscemi, a superb actor with a great, and fantastically British set of teeth. Best scene: The pregnant policewoman questioning the two local girls in the… Continue reading Where Eagles Dare

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Gates of Eden, Ethan Coen

Gates of Eden by Ethan Coen is a superb collection of fast paced and chaotic short stories. The situations in which the characters turn up are wide and varied, but perhaps the most detailed (as well as funny) descriptions are based on his own Jewish upbringing. Essentially, the main characters in all the stories spend… Continue reading Gates of Eden, Ethan Coen

Fahrenheit 911

This fantastic documentary by Michael Moore exposes the creepy links between grotesque Bush family, and the equally repugnant House of Saud / Bin Laden. It pretty much reinforces what we knew already whilst also including elements of Stupid White Men where applicable. From start to finish the emotional rollercoster swings between hilarious captions of Bush… Continue reading Fahrenheit 911

Platoon. Oliver Stone (1985)

Platoon. Oliver Stones compelling, thought provoking film about the brutal futility of the Vietnam war. Based around the Cambodian border it follows the lives of an American Infantry platoon during a year long tour of duty. The main character is Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), a white, fresh faced suburban college boy who narrates his feelings… Continue reading Platoon. Oliver Stone (1985)