Crowe in cuffs!!

I brought the Daily Mirror yesterday simply because I liked the picture of Russell Crowe in Handcuffs on the front cover. He was sporting cool shades, and a slightly pissed off look that had about it a certain amount of inevitability.

I’m taken with the idea of people not being able to change what is part of their natural personality, irrespective of how famous or rich they are. It’s almost as if they are staying true to themselves and not giving in to the nice guy chat show guest that seems to beckon middle age actors. Tom Cruise springs to mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning whatever he was alleged to have done and he?s probably a spoilt brat of the highest order. But I think that occasionally, western societies need people like Russell Crowe and Liam Gallagher to remind us of the dangers of conformity, falseness and chat shows.

I’m peering across at the paper every now and then and it’s putting a healthy smile on my face.

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