Your annual dose of royal greed

Today the BBC reported on figures published concerning royal spending, which sounds like a damn good opportunity for a rant.

It shows that the royal family cost us 36 Million pounds last year, this in itself makes it sound like something that we are privileged to invest in. In actual fact this money was spent on the things that you and I have to pay for on a daily basis like living and travel expenses. So it’s more appropriate that it should be called earnings, like the additional 11 Million ponds that Charles Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) earns from the Duchy of Cornwall per annum. Earnings.

“We grossed 47 Million last year”

Lets have a little lookie at where some of that cash was spunked on our behalf.

£300,000 on a private jet taking Charles to Sri Lanka, Australia and Fiji. £125,000 on another private jet taking Andrew to the Far East to Promote UK interests. £45,000 on a train to take Charles from Aberdeen to Plymouth. Don’t believe me? Click on the link at the bottom of the page to find out.

We’re not talking about pocket money here, these are huge figures, 45K on a single train journey? Hypothetically speaking, that would give 3000 African children access to a form of education. A bit simplistic I know, but worth thinking about all the same.

The insult is furthered by sycophant in chief Alan Reid, keeper of the Privy Purse, who is quoted as saying the report shows a “value-for-money monarchy”. His smugness finishes with “We’re not looking to provide the cheapest monarchy. We’re looking at one of good value and good quality”.

Quite, unbelievable.

I ask myself everyday how we continue to let this happen, and why we’re not doing something to correct this injustice that holds us in such deep contempt. We have to sit by and watch sycophantic structures of society like the media turn a blind eye, preferring to highlight rouge traffic wardens and asylum seekers instead. Royalty is a part of the Britain for which I am yet to hear a credible argument, and I mean a genuine reason beyond the usual Tory whine “They do a lot for tourism”.

Should we need evidence of the endemic and uncontrollable greed that is the royal family, then this is it. A grotesque display of wanton contempt and social corruption that angers me every day of my life.

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