Four people who might actually give a shit about the royal baby

The honest cabbie fruit and veg bricklayer For some reason this person actually believes that the Royal family are looking out for them and their families in some form of all seeing religious benevolence. They live their lives in a Dads Army style fantasy where the Queen Mother is still alive and actually gives a… Continue reading Four people who might actually give a shit about the royal baby

The Party Prince

I’ve often thought of the Royal Family in this country as a West End show. The West End show. Overly colourful adverts at every bus stop and full page ads in the tabloid of choice, all topped off with five star recommendations from the idiot Saturday night cockney. Every one the greatest, the best, the… Continue reading The Party Prince

Immigrants? Who are the real scroungers?

I usually stop just outside Blackfriars to survey the days papers, a quick glance across the multicoloured collage of sex, hate and economic meltdown. As predictable as it is amusing, especially last week when I spotted a story about the Saindi family from Afghanistan who’d apparently been housed in a seven bedroom house in Ealing,… Continue reading Immigrants? Who are the real scroungers?

Royals in fancy dress

This weekend provided yet another prime opportunity for the family Windsor to indulge in that time honoured royal tradition of dressing up. Getting decked out in whatever military uniform takes ones fancy for an appearance on the balcony, where an adoring public will clap like sheep at the choice of garment. Okay let’s start with… Continue reading Royals in fancy dress

Charles and Camilla

It’s difficult to know from which angle to approach the Charles and Camilla announcement, recently I’ve taken to insults and abuse which achieves little apart from making me feel better in what is essentially a struggle that will probably never succeed. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a self serving gormless twat, and she’s just… Continue reading Charles and Camilla