When did we stop caring about people?

Like anyone else I watched the Rugby on Saturday night, shame we didn’t win but that’s just the way it goes. At least Australia didn’t win, so we won’t have to put up with smug comments from grinning blokes in wrap around shades and flip-flops. Australian men in London theme pubs is probably the single most irritating aspect to what is otherwise a fine sport. That, and having to watch the two princes leap around with their unattractive friends every time Johnny Wilkinson so much as looked at the ball. It’s like they had their own dedicated camera so we can all see them get exited just like normal people, in their posh caps and polo shirts.

Then it strikes me as a little insensitive, such a blatant and unashamed display of privilege. Especially when you consider that it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Harry’s Troop of soldiers will be watching him and the chums from the confines of a barrack room in Iraq.

“Well done Sir, you’re quite the man, a shining example of the armed forces camaraderie, respect and work ethic to which we all aspire”

And on the following Monday morning it’s Harry that’s lauded the hero in the tabloid filth. Getting drunk and showing off his new found celebrity friends, safe in the knowledge that someone else will shoulder whatever hate the western world has to spare – immigrants, bus drivers, or his Troop in Iraq that have families and loved ones waiting back home.

You also have to question how they came across tickets for the rugby world cup final when the real fans have to pay thousands on the black market? More to the point, could the spare seats not be offered to someone more worthy of the occasion? How about some of the men that are recovering from having limbs blown off in Afghanistan, or some members of the British Legion, the charity that now has to support those same men because the Government they fought for wont find the money to give them the care that they deserve.

You couldn’t write it any better, an utterly disgraceful scenario exacerbated further buy the embedded contempt one group of people has for the other.

England, my arse.

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