Charles and Camilla

It’s difficult to know from which angle to approach the Charles and Camilla announcement, recently I’ve taken to insults and abuse which achieves little apart from making me feel better in what is essentially a struggle that will probably never succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a self serving gormless twat, and she’s just another posh bird from the country with a face like a police horse that’s spent it’s entire career outside Upton park. But maybe I need to accompany the nastiness with some reasoned opinions that are not based purely on their physically repellent, money grabbing nature.

For me, the most nauseous part of this whole fiasco is the reaction of the media and those types that like being on TV and quoted in tabloid newspapers. The BBC, well known for it’s royal sycophancy, couldn’t wait to get the saccharine breakfast TV couple into line. All sincere and full of collective flattery, they fell over themselves, “Reflecting the mood of the nation” with loaded questions to various royal arse lickers. Piety lined up with the best of them to, “Pass on his warm congratulations from the cabinet”.

Hang on for a moment while I heave my guts up.

We need to ask ourselves why Charles didn’t do this back in the 80s, why he buckled under pressure from his idiot parents into marrying a sheltered virgin over ten years his junior. The answer lies not in such futile questions, but in a more wide ranging argument about royalty in general.

It is this, the royal family are living in a bygone age of Edwardian values, such that even staid conservatives like themselves find impossible to implement on a personal level.

In short, they are trapped, old fashioned and have absolutely no idea how far British society has progressed out of their reach in the last 50 years. And despite what obsequious publications like Vanity Fair and Majesty magazine suggest, nothing the royal family have done in over two generations proves otherwise.

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