Lark Rise to Candleford

The BBC’s latest Sunday night offering is a ridiculously camp adaptation of Flora Thompson’s Lark Rise to Candleford. As to be expected, all the usual suspects have been wheeled out for a predictable bout of over acting and stereotypical one liners. It’s awful, but it got me thinking. Years ago The Albion Band released a… Continue reading Lark Rise to Candleford

I hate Comic Relief

I hate Comic Relief There was a time when Comic Relief was constrained to a single Friday, with the evenings TV event being easily avoided by staying down the pub, which is where you would have been anyway. You’d probably get some arse head in a bunny outfit begging from people he thinks are his… Continue reading I hate Comic Relief

Award Ceremonies

I can’t stand award ceremonies. Not only that, I simply can’t understand why anyone would want to watch something like the BAFTA awards on television. I was flicking around for Match of The Day 2 last night and that image that is the award ceremony flashed onto the screen, after overcoming the momentary paralysis my… Continue reading Award Ceremonies

Celebrity Big Bollocks

About a year ago I posted a blog about Celebrity Big Brother. I remember quite enjoying it at the time, but this time around there’s something missing, it’s losing the appeal that made it so popular, and the format has started to tire. It’s not the people involved who are at fault, it’s just that… Continue reading Celebrity Big Bollocks

118 Too much

Did everyone stop watching Lost because it was ridiculous, or because of the intensely irritating 118 adverts every 15 minutes? Probably a bit of both, but for me the sight of those two goofy student types with false moustaches was simply too much to bear. One day I’ll borrow the box set off someone from… Continue reading 118 Too much