The rise of the birthday Buzzard

A few years ago we started calling my Dad “The Buzzard”, due to his bald head, beakish nose and general birdlike appearance. As it turns out we were referring to a Vulture which is more bald and Geoff Coleman like in appearance, rather than the Buzzard, which is well feathered European bird of prey.

However Buzzard is a far more appropriate description for the old man, it sounds better and contains the letter Z twice.

The Buzzard took to his new name with some enthusiasm, even referring to his home in Calstock as “The Buzzard’s Lair”. Looking back it was probably a welcome opportunity to escape the other names we used to call Dad in the past – “Baldie”, “Bodger”, “Geoff” or simply, “That bloke who used to live with Mum”.

Every Buzzard needs a logo or tag, so The Buzzard developed his own, which is used to celebrate birthdays and Christmas.

Unfortunately I lost all the Buzzard pictures when moving this blog to a new server, a schoolboy error for someone in my trade. It doesn’t matter, the Buzzard of Geoff Coleman lives on.