The rise of the birthday Buzzard

A few years ago we started calling my Dad “The Buzzard”, due to his bald head, beakish nose and general birdlike appearance. As it turns out we were referring to a Vulture which is more bald and Geoff Coleman like in appearance, rather than the Buzzard, which is well feathered European bird of prey. However… Continue reading The rise of the birthday Buzzard

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Why I hate Movember

This is the time of year that we are supposed to be reflecting what the generations that went before us gave in our time of need. Maybe thinking about the ramifications and horrors of war, conflict and strife. Not necessarily strutting the poppy whilst looking miserable or giving it the big one at the local… Continue reading Why I hate Movember

I’m learning the Guitar

I’m learning how to play guitar, Mandy brought me one as a present for my birthday and I’m properly getting in to it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do as it’s been my favourite sound for as long as I can remember. I used to play the Saxophone, grade 8, although that means nothing… Continue reading I’m learning the Guitar

The 4 O’clock bar

There comes a point in a mans life when he has to take responsibility for his own actions, put the past behind him and start thinking for himself. For most people this change usually occurs between the ages of 18 and 25, a time when the heady excess of youth gives way to a more… Continue reading The 4 O’clock bar

Why do they call you Hooter?

This morning FC reminded me of a funny story that happened years ago. I used to know of this guy that everyone called Hooter, not an ugly bloke although he did have a fairly robust nose. On one of those drunken Saturday afternoons in the pub during the nineties Brat Boy approached Hooter and said,… Continue reading Why do they call you Hooter?

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Grab a coffee 2 go

The trainee gamekeeper on the 8:52 had in her hand what has become the scourge of London in the 21st century. The takeaway coffee cup. ‘Grab a coffee 2 go’ is the latest fast food American craze to arrive at our shores, and it is commuter types driven by sheer boredom to faddism, that are… Continue reading Grab a coffee 2 go