Godspeed You Black Emperor,Yanqui U.X.O (2002 / Constellation)

Yanqui U.X.O is the bands second proper album and was recorded by the legendary Steve Albini in Chicago. The record centres around a common theme of destruction from the air, the sleeve notes inform that UXO means ‘Unexploded Ordnance’, landmines, cluster bombs and other niceties. With war looming on the horizon the whole thing seems… Continue reading Godspeed You Black Emperor,Yanqui U.X.O (2002 / Constellation)

No war on Iraq

George Bush Juniors outrageously selfish approach to the Kyoto Treaty was only the start, if you like, just testing the water of political confrontation on an international level before jumping in with blind ignorance. Now it seems we have arrived at that point where his unpleasant small persons syndrome ceases to be just aggravating and… Continue reading No war on Iraq

Bjork, Vespertine

Yes I fancy her, have done right from the beginning. Even that video with the orange dress, the one that two very similar girls on TV knocked because they didn’t like her legs. It showed her at the height of full on pixieness, an artist totally absorbed with the task in hand, unconcerned with all… Continue reading Bjork, Vespertine

Platoon. Oliver Stone (1985)

Platoon. Oliver Stones compelling, thought provoking film about the brutal futility of the Vietnam war. Based around the Cambodian border it follows the lives of an American Infantry platoon during a year long tour of duty. The main character is Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), a white, fresh faced suburban college boy who narrates his feelings… Continue reading Platoon. Oliver Stone (1985)

Embrace, The Good Will Out

Id seen Embrace play their first single ‘All you good good people’ on Top of the pops and had been really into it, just exited you know? The buzzing feelgood factor that comes from hearing something so swaggeringly enormous right from the start. The realistic nervousness of Danny McNamara’s vocals combined with huge strings usually… Continue reading Embrace, The Good Will Out