No war on Iraq

George Bush Juniors outrageously selfish approach to the Kyoto Treaty was only the start, if you like, just testing the water of political confrontation on an international level before jumping in with blind ignorance.

Now it seems we have arrived at that point where his unpleasant small persons syndrome ceases to be just aggravating and becomes far more sinister. Presenting an agenda that has potentially horrific outcomes for concepts surrounding global stability and peace.

Now Iraq is no longer in favour with the Bush household, or rather, it’s on the wrong side of their personal and greed orientated business interests. Its society’s most vulnerable will pay the price for the antics of Bush and Hussein, undeniably two of the worlds worst leaders. Note also that they are both undemocratically elected.

The Americans weren’t clever enough to find Osama Bin Laden, a figure conveniently forgotten about in the fight against terrorism. That part of the fight the Americans lost, along with the lives of thousands of innocent Afghans.

So the attention turns to an easier target, a tried and tested victim with less mountains and easier access for vehicles and ordnance. In a spiteful show of opportunism Bush Jnr can now settle a score for Daddy whilst at least winning something.

The thing is, having ‘No quarrel’ with the Iraqi people is no excuse for executing them in their tens of thousands, as it wasn’t in Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq when the old man was in charge.

Killing a nations innocent is no way to seek retribution from a dictator, their consciences don’t really work in that manner, beside that did Bush learn nothing from Reagan’s futile assault on Tripoli?

Furthermore, whilst economic sanctions can probably be justified, haven’t they inflicted enough suffering on the wrong people already?

And like last time around, Saddam Hussein will remain untouched by the whole affair, and no doubt will be shaking hands with British ministers in ten years time, like Col. Gadaffi is doing now.

Unilaterally Bush will do what he wants, that much is clear. However we, the People of Europe, must not allow ourselves to be dragged into a free for all bullying session that is both a crime against humanity whilst being in breach of international law.

Tony Blair must be shown that we will not stand by and condone Bush’s shameful hypocrisy.

Demonstrate Saturday 28th September 2002. Embankment 12:30, London.

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