The D4, 6Twenty ( Infectious records / Flying Nun Records 2002)

The D4. Up there with the best of the right now they have the sideburns and guitar action to epitomise was is great about the new resurgence in Rock & Roll. 13 examples of effortless axe driven bliss with obvious influences thrown in, not only for good measure, but also maybe because it sounds ace. That’s a good enough reason right? The good ‘ole days were good weren’t they? For Rock and Roll, I mean wasn’t really there but this stinks of Hendrix, The Jam and a million other early 80’s skinny shouters that only my mate Fat Colin has heard of.

There’s wailing guitar solos, there’s Status Quo, there’s lyrics about ‘Oh yeah’ and ‘Saturday night’ and ‘Show me what you got’ and ‘Nine to fivers’. However with all that stuff it remains as relaxed as a leather clad biker with a mullet, it looks menacing but a closer inspection reveals a head nodding stoner.

The indulgence in ‘Rebekah’ is a classic example of how the air guitar needs to be played on this record, laid back but with purpose and fun. And to think I missed this lot with the Bellrays and Datsuns when they played up the road.

It’s always good getting hold of a debut album, it doesn’t have to live up to anything and there’s the feeling that it hasn’t been heard before, or at least its not going to be more of the same. More importantly while that ‘more of the same’ is selling in truck loads for £13.99, this little baby is little more than £6. Yes six quid, and that includes two full length videos for PC. Value for money has never sounded so good, especially with ‘Get loose’ which is worth the money in its own right.


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