Pauls stag night

It was my cousin Paul’s stag night last weekend in Bournemouth, me Ben and Chris decided to camp at a site near Poole both to save money and show off our latest camping gadgets.

Chris has a superb frame tent, freestanding cooker with grill, additional gas hob, sturdy aluminium table, chairs and various different lamps (It all packs neatly into the boot of an Escort saloon with rear spoiler).

I can admit to being a little envious at the type of organisation this kind of set up affords, of course you need a car to get around but once you’re there it’s literally home from home. With the weather on top form the camping in the Dorset countryside was really enjoyable.

The paintballing on Saturday was also superb, it’s something that I’d always steered clear of in the past but I’m glad we made the effort to charge around a forest playing war like kids. Slightly bizarre situation to find yourself in, properly shouting and running around sweating like it’s the real thing, and a bit embarrassing when looking back. Though I’m glad we all pulled it out of the bag to beat the Ruperts in rugby shirts, they were giving all the bunny about being Army officers, screaming at us like toys at Sandhurst.

Not so big when you got whipped at the end eh? Brilliant.

As too where the ACDC tribute band, the end to a memorable day. Nice one Ian for putting it all together.

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