Litter on the Underground

Sometimes the wooden floors on the District line are sanded down giving a stripped pine effect more at home in the kitchen at River Cottage. Last night on they way home the bleached unvarnished wood beneath my feet contrasted innocently against the surrounding urban filth. So much so that I took a photo with my Nokia 5140 (the perfect complement to an active lifestyle) and saved it as the wallpaper.

This mornings train must have had it’s floor stripped a few weeks ago and was beginning to display the foul reality of daily grind. A Starbucks carton oozing its residual sweet foam from the hole made for drinking (Caution, contents very hot). Maccy D cartons reeking of beef tallow, yellow stripes and the grotesque clown character. A footprinted Daily Express: “DIET SECRETS OF THE SUPERMODELS”, “SCROUNGERS IN PARADISE”. The screaming vanity and racial hatred joining forces for the ultimate in personal spite.

It’s not dropping litter as such, just leaving it for someone else to clear up. Leaving it for the invisible army of personnel working on a parallel plane somewhere. Anywhere.

This is my new thing; stand by for more on littering the tube.

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