Essex is a proper county

Dave Fulton from the US was a high point in the line up at the Comedy Store in Leicester Square last night. His genuinely funny views on London living, the British and the Bush administration had everyone in complete stitches.

A very politically correct Scottish woman the audience took exception to his mocking Condi Rice by calling him a, “Fucking Racist”, a charge that obviously annoyed him and which he comfortably shot down in flames. The drunken, right on, heckling continued throughout the evening until she was removed from the venue by security. To make matters worse on the way out the last comedian ridiculed her whilst the audience rolled around laughing.

She’s probably writing a letter of outrage to the Guardian as we speak.

The last comedian mentioned above was a proper Essex Geezer named Terry Alderton, who did an unbelievable act that included comparing the mannerisms of Essex blokes to 80s body poppers. It was funny, you just had to be there.

He reminded me of something that I’ve been thinking about over the past few years, that Essex is a proper county. Up there with other proper counties like Kent, Yorkshire and Devon.

These places are renowned for the nature of the people that live there, and the part that the combination of place and people has played in the popular culture of modern Britain.

Crap counties include Berkshire and worcestershire . What? Where?

Berkshire has got Bracknell and homes for the Royal family, Essex has Canvey Island, fake tan and boyracers.

And that’s just the way it is.

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