Canoeing on the Wye

Last weekends canoeing trip on the Wye was a complete success (Wickbod!). The weather turned up trumps with the sun shining on us from Friday all the way through to Tuesday. Quite a strange occurrence what with it being a bank holiday, I was expecting to spend the whole time gazing out from underneath a damp hoodie.

The river Wye was the perfect host for four days of laughter, fun and occasional moments of sheer chaos. Floating along through the beautiful Herefordshire countryside whilst enjoying the outdoors was a welcome break from the intensity and grind of daily London living.

The four nights of camping out where as enjoyable as the time spent on the river. Cooking outside, sitting around a fire, barbeques and grass in the food. Arguing about whose got the best camping gear, ribbing and drinking Buckfast from the bottle. The perfect way to spend a Bank holiday weekend.

We met quite a few Welsh people as well, which is always quite interesting because there seems to be that element of potential unpredictability about them. The sparks don’t seem to be far from the surface, which is a rare quality and something that I hope that people see in myself.

Simply can’t wait for some more wickbod camping trips. The only negative about the whole experience is Ben developing a Camping Gaz habit!

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