5 steps to a disastrous experience with rentalcars.com

  1. The car that we booked through rentalcars.com simply didn’t materialise at the airport in Kefalonia on 6th July 2013. We waited and waited but nobody appeared to “Meet and greet” us as promised. Just what you fucking well need isn’t it? Getting up at 4am with a hangover, getting on a flight and then standing around in 30 degree heat next to a girlfriend with the hump yay big. A quick check with a few of the other car rental representatives suggested that rentalcars.com often overbook and there can be issues with availability. They didn’t think about that when they were taking £197 of our money.

    Our “Meet and greet” courtesy of rentalcars.com
  2. The local telephone number failed to answer, we tried it for days on end but nothing. Probably just as well as the next step takes their capacity for fuckwitted uselessness to a stratospheric level. Unhelpful.
  3. We rang rental cars in the UK at our own expense and managed to get through to someone who sounded like a confused 70 year old trying to understand Call of Duty on the PS4. He had no advice other than to suggest we contact rentalcars.com on our return. They would have been better off not bothering to answer like step 2. Even more unhelpful.
  4. We had to hire a car with another company who were cheaper, so as it turns out we could have avoided rentalcars.com and their money grabbing middleman website and saved some hard earned cash in the process. This is wasted money we could have spent on our holiday.
  5. On our return to the UK our phone calls to rentalcars.com continue to foward us to a customer services email address that in turn has ignored our requests for an explanation as to what happened, or even that they’ve received our correspondence. #Clusterfuck.
If anyone actually works at rentalcars.com our booking reference is: 251558399