The latest offering from the BBC

Rail Cops. It’s called, Rail Cops. This is the latest insult from the BBC, what should essentially be an outstanding broadcasting institution the envy of the world over.

I’m watching it now and it makes the expression ‘Shit pump’ more relevant than ever. This is the level to which the BBC has finally sunk, it’s the latest in the style of very cheap, condescending docusoap television – Rail cops, Traffic cops, Heli-cops, Cops with dogs, Dogs on traffic duty – Rubbish, all of it.

So far on Rail Cops a homeless man has been moved on for busking, a football fan has been arrested for being pissed up and a probationer is stroking a kitten. It’s called ‘Stripey’. It’s not the fault of the British Transport Police that they lead a tedious and boring existence, it is however the BBCs fault for beaming a days work into my bloody living room. “You could always turn it off” I hear you say, fair point but it’s the fact that I have to pay for this shit that winds me up so much. Piers Morgan summed it up when he said, “You are threatened with imprisonment to pay £12 a month for what is essentially two light entertainment channels”.


I think maybe the ‘Beeb’, as they affectionately call themselves, are spending so much time and effort on promoting their inflated opinion of self that their original remit of a public service is being neglected. They need to realise that their primary responsibility is to provide halfway decent broadcast content, rather than to reinforce a self-congratulatory playground for delightful middle class graduates. It really is no more complicated than that. And Rail Cops, along with all their other attempts at what Channel 4 does so much better, falls well short of the mark.

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