Amir Khan, a proper name for a boxer

Sometimes things come along at just the right moment and this summer it’s Amir Khan, the 17 year old Olympic boxer from Bolton. At a time when negative tabloid
hysteria regarding Islam must have reached fever pitch, up pops a genuinely talented young man to front it all with dignity, style and attitude.

Amir’s conduct in and out of the ring, his maturity and pure basic entertainment factor has made him the personality of the Athens Olympics, for me anyway I think he’s performed years above his age to return the exiting performances he’s given so far. At times like this I often wonder, not without a smug inward smile, what the likes of the BNP and their Hate in Chief Nick Griffin thinks about all this – An Asian lad blazing a trail of respect on the world stage draped in the Union Jack (His dad has a superb Union Jack waist coat).

I’m glad that the world might look at Amir Khan and pass judgement on us all. Nick Griffin boxed whilst at Cambridge University before embarking on a grimy career in racial hated. Even at 17 Amir has guaranteed an Olympic silver medal and tomorrow morning, millions will be interested in what he’s got to say for himself.

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