A freebie for CND

I heard on the news this morning that Red Ken is allowing CND to use a building in London, I don’t know which one, for a meeting without having to front the usual £20k.

He’s faced the usual criticism from Shagger Norris and other Conservatives about personal interests and such like, but are the Tories missing the point?
Surely the aims of an organisation like CND are beyond the pettiness of everyday political squabbles? Their aim of ridding the world of such horrifying weaponry should be supported by everyone with a family, conscience or any amount of common sense (The party of common sense?). The idea that Nuclear weapons could ever be used anywhere in the world with a positive outcome is as utterly absurd as the rhetoric surrounding ‘The nuclear deterrent’.

There is of course an alternative agenda at play here. Conservatives don’t like CND because most of it’s supporters have a conscience about the planet earth, they care about the human race and about the right to live without the constant threat of an horrific death courtesy of wayward politicians. Further, Tories and New Labour see the idea of standing up against Nuclear weapons, or any warfare involving Great Britain, as somehow weak or ill informed.

Ken Livingstone is right to let CND off the £20k because he believes that we should and can live without nuclear weapons. How can you argue with that?

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