The old Wembley was crap

The new Wembley stadium already looks awesome with its imposing arch that will eventually hold up the stands. It will be the biggest football stadium in the world and once completed will surely be the pride of the nation, personally I can’t wait for it to be finished. However there is of course the usual traditionalists who refuse to let go of ‘The twin towers’ as the ultimate symbol of victory and bygone years. It’s all based on chronological rhetoric of course, the idea that we can somehow retain some of the innocent and simple values that accompanied that era, with a building.

The twin towers where pulled down because they were outdated, to small, badly designed and inefficient. Anybody who actually went to the old Wembley will tell you that the entire structure was an ugly concrete disaster with restricted view, basically – Shit.

How the hell is London supposed to attract the corruption of the 2012 Olympics with a crumbling mess of a stadium that smells of piss and looks like it’s been thrown together in 1960s Kazakhstan?

It’s time to move on people, the new stadium is a masterpiece.

“But what about the twin towers !!??”

Get over it.

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