A Man City fan?

I was accused of being a glory hunter at work today because I follow Manchester City. I use the word follow because I’m not a real fan, I don’t go to matches and I’m not from Manchester. The accusation did come from a Spurs supporter, so you have to understand that there’s going to be… Continue reading A Man City fan?

Play Up Pompey!

FA Cup Final, Saturday 17th May 2008. Portsmouth Vs Cardiff. The day starts with a journey down to Portsmouth on the South West Trains’ superb service out of Waterloo. Great station, quiet new trains with spacious carriages, £30 return. You can’t argue with that. People who moan about trains in this country usually listen to… Continue reading Play Up Pompey!

The 2007 FA Cup Final

There was a certain amount of momentum leading up to the 2007 FA Cup final. Scores to be settled from the Premiership, a new and long awaited national stadium, and with that a general acceptance that football was finally coming home – sort of. The scene was set, the predictions made and the obligatory case… Continue reading The 2007 FA Cup Final

Armchair punditry

When it comes to football I consider myself to be an armchair pundit. By that I mean that my opinions are ill informed, outrageously positive and usually based on what I read on the back pages or pick up in pubs. The best thing about armchair punditry is that you never stop learning, there’s always… Continue reading Armchair punditry

World Cup fever

So here we are again, finally after 4 years of waiting another World Cup is upon us. Four intense weeks of euphoria, despair, nerves and the joys of world football await those up to the task. Like a small boy waiting for Christmas, it seemed like we’d never get there, but then one by one… Continue reading World Cup fever