We’ll fight them in the streets

Despite my earlier comments about the Countryside Alliance, I was inspired and almost impressed to see people causing havoc outside Parliament today. I may not agree with the reasoning behind their cause, but I must concede some admiration for their ability to let politicians, and the country as a whole, realise the depths of their feelings.

Politicians will queue up to describe these people as yobs, but that is simply not so. As with the Poll Tax riots in the early nineties a sense of powerlessness pushed tempers to the limits, the resulting situation then ends up resembling some kind of Dickensian riot.

This is not just good viewing on the Ten O’clock news, it is important for another reason beyond the cause in hand. A bit of argy bargy with the Old Bill keeps the country on its toes and it reminds the government of the day that the general public are not always the apathetic pushover they would hope.

Consider also that the Bush situation in the United States may have reached the point it has because the institution that is The President is regarded with unwavering respect by default.

There is a lot to be said for cynicism towards politics in this country.

Lastly, in the 21st century it’s warming to see that people in Great Britain still feel strongly enough to fight in the streets, irrespective of their cause, that makes me proud to be British.

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