How does it feel now Countryside Alliance?

By the end of today hunting with dogs will be banned in England and Wales, bringing success to the League Against Cruel Sports 80 year campaign against Fox hunting.

What small resemblance of a democracy we have in this country has finally stood up to the establishment and outlawed a cruel and barbaric pastime, a leisure that has been oblivious to the criticism of the majority for generations.

For me there is an additional agenda at play, I won’t have to see the Royal families’ smug faces on the news every Boxing day, lending their support to an institution that, symbolically at least, epitomises the blatant social divisions within our country. Am I right in saying that Charles Windsor said that if hunting were banned he would go and live in Switzerland? If so, when are you yukking off?

The Countryside alliance is creating a fuss outside Parliament as I write this. Anyone would think that they are the first group of people to be hard done by the government, that they have been singled out for prejudice and change by the unthinking majority.

Where were all these people when Thatcher was destroying Great Britain’s manufacturing base with not a second consideration for their tightly knit communities? Where were they when the same woman tried in vain to enforce a grotesquely unfair tax system that would benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor? Where were they when hundreds of thousands marched against the obscene destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of freedom?

Exactly. Now they know how it feels.

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