Keep it coming Charles

The thing is, I should be angry about Prince Charles’s outrageously old fashioned comments. The more I think about it however, the more I realise he’s actually doing the republican cause a massive favour. This is the same single reason that I believe the BNP shouldn’t be silenced; as long as their lumpen ignorance is laid bare for all to see, surely they’ll marginalize themselves.

It’s as if Charles carefully selects his topics of contention so as to speed up the inevitable self destruct process. For a man who inherited his wealth and lifestyle as a birthright, his feudalistic judgement on a meritocracy is not only absurd, but also deeply insulting.

However when we look at his own family’s disastrous academic achievements, the barefaced irony is simply to good to be true. More importantly, the Royal household in general has a laughably bad employment record. From flirtations with the Army and Navy (Where did those medals come from?), to pathetic attempts at theatre work and PR. Which is where, fantastically, Charles’s self important misguided opinions unravel.

This man is deluding himself when he assumes that his position of greed and privilege elevates him from our humorous criticism. Thankfully, in doing so he not only demonstrates his ignorance, but also the simply reality that he is just, dim.

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