Mark Thatcher: Greedy scum

Let’s get this straight: Mark Thatcher has admitted bankrolling mercenaries involved with a plot to overthrow the government in Equatorial Guinea – but thought the money was going to be used to buy an air ambulance.

Funnily enough, I don’t believe him.

Anyone who knows the slightest thing about the Thatcher family will tell you that they are driven by a single factor – money.

It’s what they do, greed and the extremities of capitalism is their thing. The insatiable appetite for cash and power is passed down through the generations from parent to spouse, like racism or abuse.

Marks mother Margaret pioneered the controversial economic reforms that plunged this country into a chaos from which were are still reeling. Her deregulation of the financial markets may have sounded promising, and for some it did provide the opportunity to make vast sums of cash. However she treated the mass unemployment, civil unrest and economic instability as necessary collateral to Thatcherism.

Marks father Dennis was a businessman involved in the oil industry, the malevolent nature of his exploitative business ventures was surpassed only by his ultra right wing politics and racist views. Incidentally both of Marks parents refused to stand up to or condemn apartheid, which I think says it all.

So given his parentage and business record as an arms dealer, the air ambulance excuse lays bare his blatant contempt for law, justice and basic morality. Especially when considering the mercenaries involved and the potential oil reserves at stake.

I hoped that the Widow would die knowing that her son was in prison because of the selfish ideals that she passed down to him, but as with most things in life – money talks.

The mere sight of him or any member of his family makes me want to be physically sick.