Prince Edward. A pathetic, weedy individual

Today saw the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. Lets think about what that means, the sheer scale that is six million people, the death, the terror, the hate.

For all the wrong reasons the Holocaust is without doubt the most significant event of the last century, and like most people I find it difficult to put how I feel into words. We all agree, as Europeans, that it must be remembered and that a formal ceremony is probably the most appropriate way of achieving that.

So who do we send to represent the United Kingdom? Prince Edward. A pathetic, weedy individual whose family epitomises everything that is ugly about the way we are today.


How typically royal, using a ceremony that involves war and suffering as a justification for their existence whilst latching onto the solemnity of the occasion to demonstrate their decency.

We really couldn’t have picked a worse ambassador for our county.

How embarrassing.

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