A VC for Johnson Beharry

Fantastic to see Private Johnson Beharry, a young black foot soldier from South London, awarded the Victoria Cross For his acts of bravery.

The right wing tabloid press fell over themselves to print the biggest headline, strange that not long ago they were using the same hysteria to heap hate on immigrants. Now one of them is a hero its “FOR VALOUR”, “The BRAVEST of the Brave”.

You could just see all those Hate Mail journos nodding approvingly, “Well that ones alright, seems like a nice enough chap too”. The confusion is all too much – To hate, or not to hate? It depends on how many papers it’ll sell.

Make your mind up, your readers are easily confused don’t you know.

The Guardian didn’t know how to react either, the fact that a man of such courage hadn’t been to University threw up all sorts of contradictory questions,”We couldn’t possibly put a picture of a soldier on the front cover as it’s obviously a political gesture. Besides, it’s the 11th Italian film festival this week and that must take precedence”.

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