Why not dress up your pet, then email it to your mates?

Someone in the orifice has just mailed round some ‘Hilarious’ pictures of peoples pets wearing a variety of different outfits. They’re not hilarious at all. In fact, the idea of a Gerbil wearing a tuxedo is about as amusing as ‘The lads’ playing with a packet of condoms in a student union bar.

Email is an extremely useful communication channel that should be treated like any other. Would you pick a number from your mobile at random, then simply ring it and start telling stupid jokes like Fat Colin? No, exactly. The person on the other end, quite rightly, is likely to say, “Jesus, f**king do one fatty”.

Besides, if dog owners spent a little less time dressing Walnut up in a clown suit, and a little more time clearing up his shit from the streets of south London, they’ll succeed in freeing up valuable bandwidth as well as making life a little more bearable for the rest of us.

You have been told.

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