The farce of the Saddam Hussein trial

What’s that Saddam Hussein trial all about? It’s only the end of the first day and it’s already clear that the whole affair is going to descend into shambles. I really can’t believe that it’s come this far anyway, this man simply isn’t worth the cost of the new courthouse and luxury prison accommodation that he’s been afforded. It all comes down to our own warped ideas of celebrity, the idea of good triumphing over evil in a court of law reinforcing our bizarre concept of truth and justice.

I understand the need for a conclusion, an official moment in time to record the atrocities for the families of his victims. But all we seem to be doing is allowing Saddam Hussein to manipulate the infant democracy whilst returning him to the centre of attention he craves,

It is of course a load of Bollocks. The American soldier who dragged that nasty little shit out of his hole in the ground should have pushed him to his knees, executed him on the spot and kicked his body back into the hole for the Blue Bottles.

Job done.

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