Undercover gamekeeper

The person opposite on this morning’s 8:52 service to Victoria is wearing one of those tweed jackets favoured by gamekeepers and the country set. I see quite a lot of commuters wearing or carrying things to work that point to a life outside of their chosen vocation.

First impressions might give that commuters are bred exclusively to staff insurance companies and design agencies, but that assumption would be wrong! Underneath the grey and uninteresting exterior is an army of weekend sailors, farmers, rock climbers and DJs desperate to quit their jobs and go full time.

I can see it now, “I’m in banking at the moment, but I also rear double organic pigs at my smallholding just outside Great Bicklehurst”. “I’m a DJ really, progressive street house and hang 10 snowboard garage”.

Anyway, the content of this entry was supposed to be about what the part time gamekeeper was holding in her hand, but I’ve run out of time and need to get back to my day job so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

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