Torino 2006

The good thing about the Olympic games, is that when switching on the idiot box the chances are that there’s probably going to be something worth watching. This winter we have two weeks of sport to look forward to and I’m addicted to it already. It’s sports that we’re not used to seeing in this country either, insane events like the luge and speed skating only come round once every four years so we have to make the most of it.

The Olympics is like a holiday, a break from the mediocre in which we are treated to a unique event that somehow brings countries together in a common cause. Okay, so it hasn’t always been like that what with corruption or the Americans and Russians spoiling each others parties. But I’ve always thought that the sport manages to cast a much needed shadow over the greed and political squabbling.

There’s a sense of community about the whole thing which I think helps to generate an environment of mutual respect amongst the competitors. It’s still insanely competitive, but you get the feeling that everyone involved realises how lucky they are to be a part of something so historic. This is partly the reason that the level of sportsmanship on display is so humbling.

This scenario is a complete contradiction to the cynical cheating that we have to endure in the Premiership, courtesy of highly strung individuals like Robben and Lehman.

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