Shoot yourself, Dick

My heart bled this morning as I read a newspaper article about Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a friend during a Quail hunting trip. Apparently it was one of the worst days of his life, and that he will never forget the image of his friend falling to the ground.

Poor Dick, what a dreadful experience, I can only hope that he isn’t left too traumatised.

I laughed out loud when looking across at the opposite page at a story about abuse at the Abu Ghraib jail. This in itself is not in the least bit amusing, but the fact that the two differing worlds of Dick Cheney can coexist so happily side by side is simply too much to bare.

This is a man that happily ignores world opinion and stands by as western military might tortures prisoners from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay in a barbaric manner. This is the most powerful Vice President in history, one that continues to back a fool in unjust wars that have inflicted unimaginable suffering on infinite innocent families the world over. This is a grotesquely right wing politician whose involvement in military matters revolves around business ventures and satisfying his insatiable appetite for financial gluttony. This is a contrite and secretive bigot whose services to his own people have amounted to little more than continuing the progress of social disparity, corporate greed and sinister Christian values.

I don’t feel sorry for his lawyer friend injured whilst on a hunting trip for the wealthy political elite, and care even less for the feelings of Dick Cheney, who suddenly experiences a tiny dose of the violence that his administration has been peddling around the globe for decades.

I’ll leave the last word with an American man left with nothing after hurricane Katrina, on being approached by the Dick he simply said,

“Go fuck yourself Mr Cheney, Go fuck yourself.”

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