Thank you for your guidance Tony

Tony Blair’s latest initiative to tackle anti social behaviour in a child before birth is surely the work of genius.

How he must have dreamed of the time when he could put forward ideas on social engineering without a barrage of criticism and condemnation. A time when he, along with the HRH The Prince of Wales, could speak openly of their visions for the society of their dreams.

A society free from the inconveniences of the poor, the undervalued and the uneducated. A place where subjects can walk the streets of London without having to witness the irritating nuisance of bygone years. That of the attitude problem, graffiti and bad grammar.

If you dream hard enough, like Tony Blair, maybe you can imagine that beautiful place where Tuscan holidays and Paul Smith are the norm for everyman in the street. Just think about your children growing up with the education of your dreams, becoming well rounded and witty young people you can dedicate your life to idolising. A place free from the grubby undercurrent of tabloid media, local pubs and cash.

But most of all a society in which we can all aspire to be pleasing, educated and without opinion. Only when we have all worked hard enough and have finally managed to reach the status of middle class, can we be a decent and complete society.

Thank you for your guidance Tony, thank you.

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