Conservatism is easy

It’s always been easy, conservatism.

Not much thought has ever been required to identify with its principles, policies or morality. The way that almost everything can be simplified into channels of right and wrong provides a tempting path for those wishing to easily convince themselves of their fortitude. There’s plenty of company too, family, friends and religion will almost certainly line up and acquiesce, because it’s easy to do so. Safety in numbers, mob culture and the comfort of knowing that if others agree with you, your opinions must be right.

The media also provides for a willing soundboard, often leading the thought process with an intoxicating channel of hysteria. Knee jerk reactions being the easiest headlines, fewer and bigger letters on the page. The ultimate business model, everyone’s a winner. Everyone.
This isn’t party politics I’m talking about here either, for Labour and the Tories each perpetrate their own sub brand of conservatism. As such, conservatism is often wrongly associated with the Conservative Party, twenty years ago this may have been a fair assumption, now it would display simple naivety. Labour or Tory, everyone’s a winner, the reoccurring theme.

The simple fact is when it comes to left wing politics, more thought and brain power is required to reconcile the morality of being a decent person. An example is why practically all comedians have left wing sympathies, that’s unless you’re Jim Davison or Bernard manning of course.

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