I hope protesters ruin the Olympics for the Chinese

The most depressing sight of the Olympic torch making its way through London on Sunday was those figures decked out in the blue and white shell suits. Having swapped tunics for disguises from JJB, the two lines of identical Chinese ‘Officials’ pushed and shoved their way passed anything that stood in their path.

The ‘Officials’ themselves were then protected by lines of Metropolitan Police, somehow reassuring against their irate counterparts in black caps, radios and sunglasses. The anger in the shell suited faces tells of a paranoid administration refusing to come to terms with any idea outside of their own of what it feels like to be a human being. For them, the lies, deception and contempt flow with the same underpinning sense of denial as it’s always done. Simply stare at the camera and say something completely different, if there wasn’t something quite so sinister lurking in the background it would be funny.

Great British authors were writing about people like you decades ago.

Meanwhile boring celebrities like Tim Henman queue up to become a part of Olympic history, happily turning a blind against Tibet and its unwanted regime from neighbouring China. A regime whose record on human rights is shocking even by today’s standards. Ellen MacArthur too, grinning inanely whilst holding the torch of oppression, she really should have known better.

It is the police that uphold the law in this country so it follows that it should have been them doing the shoving, and nobody else. By allowing foreign ‘Officials’ to bully protesters we’re sending a negative message to the world that’ll we’ll doing pretty much anything if you’re big enough, irrespective of what those small men in plain suits get up to back home. But then that’s what happened only moths after Blair became Prime Minister, remember? Using Police vans to Hide protesters from the Communist Party of China, I like your style Piety.

I hope that Pro Tibet protesters continue to harass the Olympics, I hope they spoil the Olympics for the Chinese people and the rest of the world. The Olympics have been dogged by corruption and greed in recent years, it looks like they’re finally coming home.

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