For Paul and Rickie’s seventies wedding I managed to find a smart black suit in a second hand shop on Hammersmith High Street. I was quite pleased with my buy, which is why I was a bit pissed off when it caught fire after I staggered onto one of those garden candles. You’ll find that… Continue reading Denmark


Really knackered after yesterdays marathon drinking session in Melby, Denmark. Paul and Rickie’s 70s wedding proved to be a really good party, everyone had a really good time and of course, got staggeringly pissed. The flight with Easy Jet was an absolute nightmare, I’m starting to wonder whether the genuinely horrible ordeal of their flights… Continue reading Kobenhaven

Pauls stag night

It was my cousin Paul’s stag night last weekend in Bournemouth, me Ben and Chris decided to camp at a site near Poole both to save money and show off our latest camping gadgets. Chris has a superb frame tent, freestanding cooker with grill, additional gas hob, sturdy aluminium table, chairs and various different lamps… Continue reading Pauls stag night